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Beautiful 2016

  • 2016
  • 95 mins
  • Putonghua/ Shanxi dialect/ Japanese/ Cantonese
  • DCP
  • Color
Jia Zhangke, Nakata Hideo, Alec Su, Stanley Kwan

Jia Zhangke brings to this edition of the Beautiful series The Hedonists, an engaging drama about several unemployed Shanxi coalminers looking for work. In Somewhere in Kamakura, NAKATA Hideo enlists KAGAWA Kyoko, who immortalizes the youngest sister Kyoko in Ozu’s Tokyo Story, to play an 80-year-old who suddenly receives a letter from her first love. There is more than square dancing, but also life’s pains and glories for the middle-aged women in Alec Su’s documentary Dama Wang Who Lives on Happiness Avenue. Stanley Kwan casts an impassive eye on a film crew in a recording studio in One Day in Our Lives of…with a diva, a young director, his lovelorn assistant…

Mar 23 (Wed)   7:30PM
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Mar 28 (Mon)   2:30PM
The Grand Cinema
Sold Out
Mar 30 (Wed)   2:45PM
The Grand Cinema

Replacement screening of Old Stone