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Schneider vs. Bax

  • The Netherlands/Belgium
  • 2015
  • 96 mins
  • Dutch
  • DCP
  • Color
Alex van Warmerdam
Tom Dewispelaere, Alex van Warmerdam, Maria Kraakman

It’s Schneider’s birthday. His boss orders him to take on an assignment: he must kill Bax, a novelist who lives in a lakeside cottage. Begrudgingly, Schneider goes through the motions, but a series of complications threaten to make him late to his own birthday party – including the fact that Bax is also tasked to kill Schneider. What else can go wrong? The actor-writer-director of the wicked suburban fable Borgman (38th) returns with a scathingly dark and funny film about the workaday life of contract killers.

Mar 27 (Sun)   11:45PM
UA Cine Moko
Sold Out
Apr 4 (Mon)   10:00PM
Sha Tin Town Hall