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"Beautiful 2016 Omnibus Film masters Short film Series"
Reveal the essence of the four masterpieces

Mar 23, 2016

23 March 2016 (Hong Kong) – Beautiful 2016, co-produced by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) and Heyi Pictures, makes its World Premiere at Hong Kong Cultural Centre tonight, with four film masters from the Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan by JIA Zhangke, Stanley KWAN, Alec SU and NAKATA Hideo respectively. Four different directors with different cultural backgrounds share four stories from their hometown.

JIA Zhangke presents the dark comedy The Hedonists from his hometown
JIA Zhangke is one of the leading filmmakers of the sixth generation of Chinese cinema.  As an internationally acclaimed art-cinema director, he is noted for his portrayals of the realities of Chinese society. He explains that his original aspiration is to focus on the ordinary people in an ever-changing society.  The Hedonists, filmed in his hometown, Fenyang, Shanxi, is an engaging drama about several unemployed Shanxi coalminers looking for work.  He said: “The Chinese title of the film is in my  hometown dialect and refers to the ways in which people occupy themselves in life. I have always liked this term as it contains the meaning of ‘running’, ‘working’and ‘carrying on’.”

One Day in Our Lives of… by Stanley KWAN show us an unpredictable life
In recent years, Stanley KWAN has produced various Chinese films in mainland China. One Day in Our Lives of…marks his return to Hong Kong since Hold You Tight in 1998. His film presents the beauty of 2016 with a sensitive and intuitive feeling. One big surprise in the film is Cecilia YIP who returns to the cinema after a long retirement.  The Chinese title of the film refers to one of Anita MUI’s classic hits, which is also the theme song of the Wong Kar Wai masterpiece Days of Being Wild.

First short film by Alec SU, Dama Wang Who Lives on Happiness Avenue, presents different aspects of life
Youth idol Alec SU, made his directorial debut The Left Ear, which was nominated for the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards. This time, he focuses on “Dama Wang” who lives on Happiness Avenue in Southern Beijing. This documentary records the different aspects of lives in China today. “With no business pressure, I am able to freely create my own work.  I truly treasure this rare opportunity,” said SU.

NAKATA Hideo, creator of The Ring, presents a warm-hearted story Somewhere in
As one of the leading directors of J-Horror, NAKATA Hideo has been popular worldwide with several horror masterpieces including The Ring, Dark Water and The Complex. The character he created for The Ring, Sadako, still stands as a benchmark of J-Horror. However, NAKATA’s short film Somewhere in Kamakura reveals a whole different warm-hearted side to his work that will be a revelation for audiences.   Starring KAGAWA Kyōko who participated in Tokyo Story (1953), the film starts with KAGAWA receiving a letter written long ago.   By sharing her story of first love, she gradually develops a friendship with her domestic helper Saori.  NAKATA said, “I am honored to have KAGAWA Kyōko as the main actress.  She has been very active since the 50s, the golden era of Japanese cinema.  She and the excellent crew members inspired me a lot during the filming process.”

The “Beautiful” series
The Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) collaborates with Heyi Pictures from 2012. The “Beautiful” series has attracted millions of views with commissioned works by GU Changwei, Ann HUI, TSAI Ming-liang, KIM Tae-yong, LU Yue, WU Nien-Jen, KUROSAWA Kiyoshi, Mabel CHEUNG & Alex LAW, KANG Je-gyu, Christopher DOYLE, SHU Kei, HUANG Jianxin, YIM Ho and Mohsen MAKHMALBAF.  The films have been screened at international film festivals such as Cannes International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival and  Busan International Film Festival.


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